Here is an open invitation for a culinary journey to the land of spices and serenity. From the Indian land of diverse traditions and the coastal Sri Lankan Island of Golden Beaches, we offer you an experience to create memories on a plate of Happiness

− Our Story −

Amalgamated in deep rooted traditions and homely taste buds, Jaffna house celebrates the best of Indian & Sri Lankan palate.
We started our journey as a corner site in 1991 as a modern café/take away with some 20 odd sets and a display cabinet.

We have been awarded cobra good curry award in 2004


It all started with our unconditional love with Tamil culture & food.

‘Jaffna House’ got its name from the city of Jaffna at Sri Lanka, which was perfectly appropriate for what we wanted to establish.

Our deep rooted Indian traditions guide us in all our endeavors to provide a fulfilling and joyful experiences to everybody associated with us.

Professional service

Our ancestors thought us that “The guest is equivalent to God”.
This reflects in the way we produce and serve our food. We have a well-trained and passionate team to make sure that the experiences of each of our guests are unique and enjoyable.

At Jaffna house our staffs ensure highest standards of professionalism with a friendly and happy outlook.

Our principles

Fresh products
Here we give priority in sourcing fresh raw material from the best vendors of the town.

Healthy food
At Jaffana House we believe in ‘Health is Wealth’, and its relevance these days. We ensure that health of our guests is prioritized in all the processes involved.

Traditional methods
To bring the rustic, traditional and authentic flavors from distant lands of India and Sri Lanka, its important to follow the same traditional methods. Hence our Chefs are trained with these traditional crafts and methods to bring you some unforgettable experiences.

Get in Touch

Jaffana House would love to hear from you.

Phone Numbers

020 8672 7786
020 8767 6668

Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday
12 noon to Midnight